What To Get A Busy Dad

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It can be hard to know what to get a busy dad in your life, especially if they’re a dad who has everything they need. So with Father’s Day almost here, I wanted to help you with some ideas. For inspiration, I went to my partner as well as Poppy Gifting, my go-to virtual personal shopper.  (Peacock Parent readers get 20% off Poppy Gifting with our preferred code available here.)

My husband said the type of Father’s Day gift he truly enjoys are games and books from his own childhood that help him tap into his playful side and bond with the kids. So we’ve got a healthy dose of nostalgia in this gift guide (marble tracks, anyone?). We’ve also added a handful of gift ideas that help dads relax, reclaim their time, and enrich the moments spent with their kids. Without further adieu, here is what to get a busy dad…

What To Get A Busy Dad? A S’mores Basket

what to get a dad that has everything
Solo Stove $79.99

When was the last time you made s’mores? We talk about the idea of making them a lot with the kids (partially because Amelia Bedelia talks about wanting “some more” in the sleepover book). But a busy dad rarely thinks to buy the ingredients, or prioritize the time to enjoy this activity and eat the deliciousness afterwards. 

Recently, we finally made the time to have a s’mores-making experience as a family and loved it! The kids were more excited to eat the marshmallows dry than toast them, but they still enjoyed all the steps of assembling the s’mores: breaking apart the graham crackers, putting on the chocolate, and smooshing the marshmallow on top. All the steps seem so obvious to us as adults, but when we pause to enjoy the kids’ perspectives and schedule the time to make a full activity out of it, that becomes the gift.

For a Father’s Day present, include his favorite type of chocolate, graham crackers, roasting sticks, and marshmallows. Plus, Poppy Gifting recommended this little fire-burning pit, which is a genius way to make it all easy and doable without the mess.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Books from His Childhood

gift ideas for busy dads
Where the Sidewalk Ends $44, The Phantom Tollbooth $12, The Chronicles of Narnia $11, Where’s Waldo? $11

Books that he used to love reading as a kid — and can now read to his own kids — are a great Father’s Day gift idea for a busy dad who needs to slow down. Some of our favorites are Where the Sidewalk Ends, Where’s Waldo?, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Phantom Tollbooth. Our four-year-old is currently obsessed with Where’s Waldo?, and Hungry Mungry from Where the Sidewalk Ends (my personal favorites are still LOVE and Hug o’ War). Reading old-school books with him makes us feel like we’re both kids again, and it has a wild way of bringing back a memory of doing this exact same thing 30+ years ago. 

If he has a daughter, then Ask Me is another good book to give a busy dad. The story is about a father and daughter walking around their neighborhood, and it’s a nice reminder to get out of the house with your kids and take a walk — even if it’s just 10 minutes around the block, listening to the ramblings of a toddler.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Smokehouse Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

gifts for dads who have everything
Thoughtfully $39.99

This Smokehouse spice set is one of the gift recommendations from Poppy Gifting for dads who like grilling and experimenting with new flavors. It comes with 15 spice rubs, ranging from Caribbean to lime chipotle, four different specialty salts, and an Italian seasoning. If hot sauce is more his jam, you can’t go wrong with a Zab’s Hot Sauce set. Their sauces are made from datil peppers grown in St. Augustine Florida, and the set includes an original variety, their sweeter St. Augustine style, and hot honey, which is perfect for adding a spicy drizzle to pizza or other dishes.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Simply Lux Organizing

what to get the dad who has everything
Simply Luxe (price varies depending on service)

This is for the busy dad who wants an organized garage, but never seems to have enough time to do it himself. Give him the gift of having someone come in and organize the garage, closet, pantry, or whatever part of the house needs some attention. Simply Luxe is different from other organizing programs because they actually help you sort through your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need. They don’t just come in and try to organize one drawer in a pretty way. They are San Diego-based, but can fly anywhere and also offer virtual sessions where they complement their assessment and organizational skills with Task Rabbits to assemble or source pieces, and pick up and donate junk. Either way, mention Peacock Parent, and the owner, Ryen Toft, will give you white glove service. 

What To Get A Busy Dad? Nostalgic Games

what to get a dad that has everything
Hasbro $20, Pick Up Sticks $11, Marble Track $35, Hot Wheels $30, Monopoly $20

Another nostalgic gift idea for busy dads is to give them one of their favorite games from when they were a kid that they can now teach their own kids to play. Warning: it can get pretty addicting to play the Hasbro Gaming Simon Handheld Electronic Memory Game as an adult! Our kids laugh hysterically watching us sweat a little as we try to remember the order of all the colors. Monopoly is another classic game choice, and you can’t go wrong with Hot Wheels, Pick Up Sticks, or a marble track.

What To Get A Busy Dad? An Electric Bike

what to get a dad that has everything
Heybike $1,299

These foldable electric bikes are a great Father’s Day gift idea. My own dad introduced me to them! Since they fold up, you can easily take them in a normal car, without needing bike racks. Busy dads will enjoy the extra speed the electricity provides as they get some alone time exploring the bike paths in their city. Obviously, it’s also great for a family bike ride if the kids are old enough.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Yina Gua Shi Scalp Massage Comb 

gift ideas for busy dads
Yina $65

I used this gua shi scalp massage comb at the recent In goop Health event, and my partner can expect this wrapped up in a bow for Father’s Day. It’s the best kind of gift to give — the one you secretly want for yourself too! It gently massages your head and is very relaxing. Using it over time will allegedly reduce hair loss and improve your sleep and mood. We’ll see about that!
In all honesty, I envision us sitting on the couch with one person on the floor getting a head rub in all the right places while we watch a show together. BTW, Fallout, 3 Body Problem, and Shogun are all worthwhile to watch with your partner.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Jigsaw Puzzle

gifts for busy dads
Nattork $10

Find a puzzle with a theme the dad in your life would enjoy. Even better if it’s one he can share with his kids. Our son loves space and rockets, so this one is great. It’s 500 pieces, so clearly not for our young child to complete on his own, but he can help sort the pieces, and build the edges before bed. Then it gives a busy dad something relaxing to work on in the evening, instead of just watching TV. Or if there’s a vacation you want to go on, buy him a puzzle with a beautiful picture of that location. Incept his ass! 🙂

What To Get A Busy Dad? Personalized Weezie Golf Towel

what to get a busy dad
Weezie $36

We asked Poppy Gifting for gift recommendations for dads who like golfing, and they suggested this personalized golf towel. Made from a soft and absorbent terry, it’s useful for drying golf balls or dusting off dirty clubs. It also has a metal hook at the top so it can easily clip onto a golf bag. Another good option on the golf front, is this Stitch Golf Shoe Bag. In addition to holding shoes, it can also be used as a golf shag bag and can fit up to 150 golf balls. You could also have the gift include a day to golf with his friends. Do you need a break too? Give the gift of lining up childcare so you both get some self-care time that day.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Priv

what to get a busy dad
Priv (prices vary depending on service)

Priv offers mobile wellness and beauty services, including everything from men’s haircuts and beard trims to in-home fitness, massages, facials, and mani/pedis. It’s a great gift that will help a busy dad relax and take care of himself without having to deal with the hassle of leaving the house and rushing to an appointment.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Azul Board Game

what to get a busy dad
Plan B Games $32

We were introduced to this game by a friend, and are obsessed. You don’t have to talk a lot, and it’s not super complicated. There’s enough strategy involved to keep you entertained, but it’s also simple enough that it still feels relaxing. It’s a nice way to connect with your partner after a long day because conversation happens organically as you play. So really, Azul is the gift of decompressing slowly and together — the perfect answer to what to get a busy dad. 

What To Get A Busy Dad? Handprint Kit For Kid’s Hand

gifts for busy dads
Baby Mushroom $15

This handprint kit is super special for those with small kids or even a beloved family pet! It includes soft clay that you roll out before pressing your baby’s hand or footprint in it. It also comes with letter stencils and ribbon so you can customize it with a name and turn it into a Christmas ornament if you desire. The kit includes enough materials to create both a hand and footprint version.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Bird Buddy

what to get a dad that has everything
Bird Buddy $299

This bird feeder is a really unique gift for the busy dad who likes nature. It has a built-in camera and takes photos of the birds that come to feast. The app uses AI to identify quality photos so it’s not spamming you with notifications of blurry or bad pictures. It also identifies the species and includes some basic facts about them. It can be fun to share the photos with the kids and teach them about the different birds coming into your backyard. You can see how the bird species change throughout the year too, depending on who is migrating through!

What To Get A Busy Dad? ARYA Intimacy Toolkit

gifts for busy dads
Arya $44.90 (for standard monthly plan)

Get this Arya monthly subscription for the busy dad who wants to play more in the bedroom. It’s the actionable version of the typical lingerie gift, and doesn’t put the pressure on one person to initiate. You take a short 5-minute quiz when you first sign up so they understand each partner a bit more, and then they take care of the rest.

Every month, they send you a different set of toys and provide playlists and more importantly instructions for how to use the items. But it’s not just in a written booklet, they text you ahead of time to help build the excitement and provide links and educational information on what’s coming in your box, whether it’s nipple suctions, a blindfold, or a pinwheel. It’s a great way to dip your toes in the water and connect with your partner. Busy dads will want to slow down for this gift!

Visit our concierge page for a discounted price.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Scrabble Vintage Bookshelf Edition

gift ideas for busy dads
WS Game Company $43

I’ve found that busy dads tend to steal a moment here and there on their phones to play a game. Maybe it’s in the bathroom, going up an elevator, or waiting in line for a lunch break. But they are probably playing Wordle, doing a crossword puzzle, or any other NY Times game. So why not help them set their phone down once they are home, and play with words the old-fashioned way? This Scrabble game was another of Poppy Gifting’s ideas. Since it’s designed to look like a book, it’s also a unique way to display a game on your shelf. And if it’s not hidden away in a drawer, you all might play it more. Besides Scrabble, there are a bunch of other games available, including Monopoly, Life, and Clue.

What To Get A Busy Dad? TableTopics To Spark Convo With The Kids

what to get a busy dad
TableTopics $20

Dads will appreciate the TableTopics kids conversation pack as a way to connect with the kids around the dinner table. We have something similar provided to us by the school. It’s a question jar that asks them different things like, “How can we make tomorrow a better day? Did you make a good choice today? What did you have for lunch?”

I’m also into the original version too that’s just for adults to help start great conversations. I’ve used these under chargers at dinner parties (although I suggest pre-selecting the questions so you take care of your guests in case there’s one that touches on a sensitive issue).

What To Get A Busy Dad? LookingGlass

what to get a busy dad
LookingGlass (prices start at $60)

Give this service to the busy dad who needs help with his wardrobe or wants to take his style quotient up a notch. It’s a virtual personal styling company that allows you to text a picture of your outfit to a stylist who will respond with what needs adjusting — no need to ask your partner, which let’s be honest, is really a gift for you (and there’s no shame in that!). Anything that removes decision fatigue for both partners is a win in my book. Peacock Parents get 25% off with our exclusive code.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Aura Carver 10.1″ WiFi Digital Picture Frame

what to get a busy dad
Aura $175

This digital picture frame is a nice touch for an office desk. Or you could do what our good friends do and set it near your dining room table, so that the entire family can enjoy watching the photos scroll by. It allows the no-screen time rule at dinner to be adhered to, but the photos spark conversation, laughs, and reminiscing as they pop up. You can also invite other family members or friends to add photos to it, so it’s a surprise when they pop up.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Sand Timers (For The Kids)

what to get a busy dad
SandTimer $18

One of the hardest things about being a busy dad is the push/pull we all experience as working parents, and the all-hours demand that often comes with it. When a parent needs to focus on work while in a house of kids itching for attention, these sand timers are a fantastic way to let kids know and measure how much more time is left until dad can play. Sure a cell phone timer can do the same, but a 30-minute sand timer is way more fun and minimizes the screen time in our lives. Plus, the sand timers can give the children a feeling of control, which is a nice feeling to instill. 

If your busy dad has trouble disconnecting from tech and relaxing, these sand timers can also be a way to set a timer for 30 minutes to read or do some other relaxing activity, while leaving his phone in the other room.

What To Get A Busy Dad? Matching PJs 

what to get a busy dad
Lake Pajamas $148

Our family absolutely adores matching pajamas. This is something we do all the time and my husband legitimately enjoys it. This is an especially great gift idea for a busy dad because it takes no time for him to put on a pair of matching pajamas and have a bonding moment with the kids. Lake Pajamas is one of our favorites. They don’t have a specific family section but if you search for a print you like — in this case “dusty blue stripe” — you can see all the matching options for moms, dads, and kids. This galaxy print pajama set by Little Sleepies is also a cute option (kids version here). 

I hope our Father’s Day Gift Guide helped you save time figuring out what to get the busy dads in your life. Want more tips on saving time? We actually recommend buying time. Download our free guide: How to Run Your Home Like a Business (99 Tasks You Can Delegate Today) to find out what buying time entails.

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