Virtual Personal Stylist

I’m all about a physical in-home personal styling session, but they are not cheap (typically $200/hour), and the reality is that even with a stylist on your payroll, you still have those last-minute questions about an outfit. Like, what shoes go best? Or this or that jacket? Long or short earrings?

Enter LookingGLASS. A virtual personal styling service that allows you to text a picture of your outfit to a stylist who will respond with what needs adjusting within 15 minutes. It costs $263/month (<$9/day) for that kind of access and availability (normally $350/month, but Peacock Parents receive 25% off with the code FLOCKYEAH).

The real value (besides an extra layer of confidence walking out the door) is that you don’t have to ask your partner for advice on outfits, which let’s be honest, is a dream in any marriage. Any service that removes decision fatigue for both partners is a win in my book! We’ve also negotiated a pretty sweet rate (if we do say so ourselves) that is entirely passed on to you.

They also offer family photoshoot styling sessions for your holiday cards and special one-off looks for an event (think reunions, fundraisers – anywhere you want to show up a little extra)!

Note: you currently have to log in through the website to request a chat session to start through text – minor annoyance, but they are working on improving that flow.

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