Poppy Gifting Review: My Go-To Concierge Gift Service

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Executive Summary

Poppy Gifting is my go-to concierge gift service for sourcing and brainstorming thoughtful and personal gifts. Read my full review below for all the details on the company, its founders, and how it works. Click each subhead below to skip to that section.

Investment Cost: $20 (with our exclusive code)

Time Reclaimed: ~1.5 hours

Worth It: If you make more than $13/hr, yes!

Ok, some of you might be thinking: what the heck is a concierge gift service? I had the same thought the first time I came across Poppy Gifting on Instagram. A concierge gift service is a company or person who specializes in picking out gifts, and often handles everything from shopping to wrapping and shipping. 

I enjoy gift-giving and consider myself pretty good at picking out thoughtful gifts, so I didn’t think I needed this type of service in my life. But then I tried it, and now I am kind of addicted — I’ve used Poppy Gifting 6 times in the last 3 weeks! 

Before I dive into all the pros of using this concierge gift service, let’s start with the origins of Poppy Gifting, how it works, and of course, the few cons.

(Full transparency: We have forfeited our referral rate, so that Peacock Parents get  20% off all Poppy Gifting services, exclusively available here.)

Poppy Gifting Review: What Is Poppy Gifting?

poppy gifting review

Poppy Gifting was started by Peggy O’Brien & Willa Callahan back in 2020, who came up with the idea while they were both working in client-facing positions.

“We each kind of independently had this concept brewing in our heads,” says O’Brien. “We had had similar experiences, working in a sales capacity and account management capacity, where gifting was so important to maintaining the client relationship and keeping your clients satisfied.”

O’Brien says that was right around the time that curated gift boxes were peaking in popularity. 

“We found that they were starting to become generic among our clients and among our friend groups,” she says. “You can only gift rosewater and fancy chocolates so many times, and then the other kind of old-fashioned swag and branding companies were just a little dry.”

So they wanted to create a service that focused on thoughtful, personalized gift-giving. What’s special about their company is that they have a short questionnaire that people fill out to provide information about the gift recipient. 

“We gather what we consider to be the most essential details, and that information from the gift giver is what guides our curation process,” says O’Brien. 

Callahan says in order to provide unique gift ideas, they regularly meet with brands and test out new products to recommend. 

“We have a brand index and we are constantly, both digitally and physically, out in the world, discovering new brands and meeting new founders and makers so that we can kind of continue to build on the products that come Poppy-recommended,” she says. 

O’Brien says not all of their clients are people who dislike gift-giving or feel overwhelmed by it. In some cases, they may love gift-giving and just want some help with the brainstorming process. 

“A lot of our clients actually love gift giving and love the experience, but frankly, are out of time or a little too busy,” she says. (That’s me!)

Poppy Gifting Review: How It Works

concierge gift service review

Using Poppy Gifting is super simple. As an example, here are the steps I went through when I wanted to buy my BFF a gift for receiving an award at her job. 

  1. Fill out the Questionnaire: First, I inputted my budget and completed the 3-question profile about the gift recipient, in this case, my BFF. It took me roughly 3 minutes. Here’s what I put:
    1. Budget: $250 – $500
    2. She won Rookie of the Year at a new job she took last year — a total risk after leaving the company she’d been with for 12 years.
    3. She is a super hard worker, but also has some hippie to her. She likes natural ingredients, local markets, and sustainable products.
    4. Interests (these are gift categories that you select from): Food & Beverage, Accessories, Home & Decor, Tableware
  2. Browse Options: Within 48 hours, Poppy Gifting had sent me a text with options to scroll through. There was no need to log in or any extra steps. Below is a screenshot of what they provided:
concierge gift service review
  1. Request Revisions: If nothing was the right fit I could have suggested that they amend the gift options. “We offer catalog revisions too,” says O’Brien. “It’s not uncommon for people to say, ‘Oh, so close, but just missed the mark.’ We often revise and tweak for different colors or a slightly different category and then we really find the perfect gift.” In this case, no revisions were needed!
  2. Select Gift: I chose the Cuyana leather work tote that they recommended. But I went with the olive green color instead of the beige color they suggested. After it arrived at my house, I confirmed it was perfect, and had my family assistant take care of wrapping and mailing it for me. So easy! 

For special holidays, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Poppy Gifting also offers a “Bloom Service” where on top of providing gift ideas, they wrap and ship the gift for you too. You can also include a message and they’ll hand write a card to go with the gift. I haven’t tried this service yet, but I’ll report back once I do. It usually costs $75, but Peacock Parent readers can get 20% off this service too with our exclusive code

Poppy Gifting Review: What I Didn’t Like 

I legitimately feel like there are no real cons to using Poppy Gifting purely because $20 (with the Peacock Parent code) to source thoughtful and unique gifts is a massively affordable time saver. But I always question a review that can’t find at least one critique or constructive feedback so here are the two negatives I scrounged up from my numerous experiences with Poppy Gifting: 

  1. When they sourced a gift for my personal trainer who is a former athlete and also obsessed with his two dogs, there were a ton of dog-related items but none that matched the type of dog that I specified that he had. They had a couple of items that would have required me to upload a picture of the dog — an engraved whiskey glass for example — but overall, it was a lot of “wrong” dogs.
  1. For two of my Poppy Gifting experiences, they suggested products from Anthropologie that I LOVED and bought, but was disappointed when I later found both of them on Amazon (one for the same price, and the other for less). I brought this to their attention and they said their main focus is on sourcing the best products regardless of origin. I am a huge fan of the speed and convenience of Amazon and their incredible return policy. I also love having a central place to shop. With this in mind, Poppy Gifting has said they will do a better job of double-checking whether their recommended gifts are available on Amazon for Peacock Parent clients.

Poppy Gifting Review: Why I Like Using A Concierge Gift Service 

using a concierge gift service
  1. It Saves Time

This is the obvious pro of a concierge gift service that I cannot emphasize enough. Time is money. Speaking of money…

  1. It’s Affordable

As we already mentioned, Poppy Gifting is only $20 if you use the code exclusively available to Peacock Parents.

  1. It Introduces Me To New Brands 

Although I consider myself a good gift giver, I like having the brainstorming help. Some of the items they’ve suggested aren’t right for that specific person, but I get introduced to a new brand or product that can be a perfect fit for someone else later on. 

  1. It Enables More Gift Giving

As I mentioned above, I’ve used Poppy Gifting 6 times in the last 3 weeks! Two of those times were birthday gifts for my personal stylist and personal trainer —two people I’ve known for almost 15 years and care for deeply.

In the past, I would have thought about giving my stylist and trainer gifts and added it to my Trello list. But then, unfortunately, I wouldn’t have prioritized it because my to-do list is too long. It would have sat there while time passed, and possibly even the birthday itself. And then I would have thought, “Oh well, they weren’t expecting it, so nothing was lost there.” But I KNEW there was a missed opportunity to show them extra appreciation, and that disappointment of letting the date pass always stayed with me longer than I’d like to admit.

With Poppy Gifting, I can actually follow through with my intention of sending thoughtful, considerate gifts to the people who may not be my immediate family, but who I want to treat as such. Now if I think of someone who I want to reward or thank I don’t add it to my Trello list, I just complete Poppy’s 3-question profile, and within 48 hours I can scroll through the options they’ve sent me and select whichever one I like best. 

  1. They Remember Important Dates For you

You can also input upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions in advance and they’ll send you a reminder when it’s time to start shopping. 

  1. It Still Feels Personal

I was also initially hesitant to use an outside service because of wanting it to still feel like a thoughtful and personal gift coming from me. Because of the questionnaire and 10-15 thoughtfully curated options, I can honestly say that it really does feel personal and I’m still making the final selection. 

  1. It Lifts The Mental Burden

No matter how much you enjoy sourcing a thoughtful gift, if there is too much on your plate, being able to trust a company or service to take on one of your tasks saves you more than time — it saves you headspace. I love this concierge gifting service for taking on the mental burden of adding one more thing to my (Trello) list.

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