Nanny or Family Assistant Placement

Seaside Staffing Company is the premier and more costly option because they are THE hiring experts in the industry. They will not only screen all of the candidates for you to meet, but they will guide you through every step of the hiring process and act as an advisor for your family.

The biggest benefit to using a staffing agency is that they guarantee placement. That is the key. You will only be matched with someone who is the right fit because Seaside Staffing Company also has skin in the game (they only get paid if your new hire stays for 90 days – 6 months).

Seaside Staffing Company only places candidates for a minimum of 30 hours/week and charges a $500 search fee. Their minimum placement fee is $5,000, calculated based on 18% – 22% of the candidate’s gross salary.

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Busy Parent, Expecting Parent, New Parent

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