Hybrid Home Organizer

This service is for the busy parent who wants an organized pantry, but doesn’t have the time or inclination to start on this project since it’s a pretty low priority.

Hiring a company to come in and do it all for you is magical. But this type of white glove service typically costs $85/hour with a garage project taking a minimum of 27 hours ($2,300) plus the cost of new containers to sort, clean, and organize fully. Simply Luxe can fly anywhere and handle this for you (you will incur travel expenses). They are THE experts in the field, and have been features on the Today show for doing this well for 15+ years. Mention Peacock Parent and the owner, Ryen Toft, will give you white glove service and preferred pricing on containers.

If you don’t want to incur the travel fee, then consider a specialty hybrid package designed exclusively for Peacock Parents. Pay a flat $500 fee for them to virtually meet with you for 15 minutes, understand the space you are wanting to revamp, and provide drawings with instructions for exactly how to use the space more effectively.

They can source any type of container and send them to your home, and also coordinate with a task rabbit or local handyman to get any extra pieces put together onsite and/or direct the person on what to donate and replace. The goal of this service is for you to do very little, and still get all of the benefits of their experience without the hassle.

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