Best Gifts For Busy Working Moms

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Brainstorming a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day can be time-consuming and stressful. Save time by using a personal shopper who specializes in gifts — or use our free gift guide! Scroll down to see 20 gift ideas that busy working moms actually want…

Investment Cost: $20 if you use Poppy Gifting with our exclusive code, or free if you use our gift guide 🙂 

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Worth it? Yes, if you make more than $13/hr!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and many of you are starting to look for gifts for the busy working moms in your life. Researching and coming up with thoughtful gift ideas can take a lot of time, so I often use Poppy Gifting as my go-to virtual personal shopper for assistance buying gifts. In fact, I used Poppy Gifting to help curate this list of Mother’s Day gift ideas! (Peacock Parent readers get 20% off Poppy Gifting with our exclusive code.)

As you might have guessed, the best gifts for busy working moms are ones that clear up more time in their day or help them rest and recharge. From my favorite gadgets to beauty products and chic accessories, here are 20 gift ideas that busy working moms will adore…

Hatch Restore 2

best gifts for busy working moms
Hatch $200

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important! And as you may remember from my post on How To Create More Me Time in Parenting, the Hatch Restore 2 is one of my personal weapons for ensuring I’m well rested. The gradual night light dimming and “Ocean Sounds” melt me into bed within 15 minutes of turning it on. And instead of being awakened by a sudden alarm clock noise, there’s a 15-minute gradual brightening to start your day — I think Malibu Sunrise is so lovely to wake up to! This is one of the best gifts for busy working moms who want to improve their sleep. And it’s very customizable with a range of soothing white noise and morning alarm sounds to choose from.

PhilipB Imperial Thickening Spray

best gifts for busy working moms
Philip B $58

This hairspray acts as both a hair thickener and dry shampoo. It can make day-old hair look and feel fresh. It’s how I can skip washing my hair for 3 days straight and still make my hair bun look good. More time in between washes = less time spent blow-drying my hair.

Nori Press Iron & Steamer for Clothes

best gifts for busy working moms
Nori $119

This is one of the gifts Poppy Gifting recommended for busy working moms, and I have to say they nailed it with this one. I’m legit excited to try this travel steamer! It would open up so many more packing possibilities for work trips. I usually like wearing silk for speaking engagements because of how it moves and covers my body, but it always crumples when I travel, making it difficult to pack. Now that problem is solved!

Yon-Ka Lait Nettoyant Face Cleanser & Makeup Remover

best gifts for busy working moms
Yon-Ka $50

This is my favorite face wash. It’s highly efficient because it removes makeup and cleanses your face at the same time. I also like the milky consistency and the fact that it leaves you feeling moisturized, and not dried out. While we are talking about Yon-Ka, their Emulsion Pure is the most concentrated toner you will ever use — it was originally created for burn victims to help rebuild their skin. I also swear by their Elixir Vital anti-aging serum and lather it on every night after my toner. Those are the only three products from Yon-Ka that I absolutely swear by and it’s rare to find that many that you love in one line!

Masterclass Subscription

best gifts for busy working moms
MasterClass $180

MasterClass is one of my favorite “me time” activities. You will learn so much, and it doesn’t have to be about expanding your career (although there are plenty to choose from in that area). I’ve taken Malcolm Gladwell’s writing class, and Kris Jenner’s class on branding. I’ve also started watching some of these classes with my dad as a way to generate topics for us to discuss over dinner. He’s getting older, so I try my best to visit him weekly and bring dinner. Any working mom who likes learning new things will appreciate a MasterClass subscription.

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ EyeCare Max Pro

best gifts for busy working moms
Dr. Dennis Gross $199

This red-light face mask is part of my morning “me time” routine. The red LED light is supposed to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tone with regular use. I honestly don’t know if it works, but my personal stylist says my eye area looks “amazing.” 

The directions say to wash your face before using it so you have a clean canvas for the red light to do its work, but I just use a damp washcloth. I gently rub the cloth around my eyes to get my nighttime creams off. 

After that, here is my process: I go into the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, and grab my mask from a nearby cabinet. It takes 2 seconds to put it on, then I press the on button which automatically times off after 2 minutes. Meanwhile, I can still be productive because the mask is secure, lightweight and doesn’t obstruct my vision — the light is not blinding at all! 

While wearing my mask, I put creamer in my coffee, create an EmergenC drink, take my personal trainer-recommended vitamins, and feed the dog. By the time all that has happened the 2 minutes are up. I then wipe the mask down with a baby wipe from my OXO wipe dispenser and put it back in the cabinet. 

In a total of 3 minutes, I feel pampered, caffeinated, and productive – a priority for every busy working mom!

Skylight Digital Picture Frame

best gifts for busy working moms
Skylight $160

Digital picture frames were such a craze 10 years ago. But they’ve come a long way since then! Now, you can select the pictures directly from your phone and don’t have to load memory sticks worth of data. The Skylight Digital Frame is one of the best gifts for busy working moms who like keeping the photos in their house updated, but don’t want to deal with printing pictures and getting them framed. I love how sleek and nondescript this frame is too. And if you have kids or family living in different parts of the country, they can upload photos remotely as a way to stay in touch.

Body Restore Shower Steamers

best gifts for busy working moms
Body Restore $50.99

I swear by these aromatherapy shower steamers. I use them every day, and my kids love helping me pick out the “flavor” of the day when we are getting ready together. They focus on color, but I like to think about the mood. Is it a Milk Honey, Lavender, or Citrus kind of day?

ColorIt Adult Coloring Book & Gel Pens

best gifts for busy working moms
ColorIt Mandala Book $22 & Gel Pens $25

Coloring is another one of my favorite self-care activities. The ColorIt mandala coloring book and gel pens have been my go-tos at the moment. An adult coloring set is a great gift for busy working moms who need help destressing!

Laneige Lip Mask

best gifts for busy working moms
Laneige $24

I wear this lip mask at night, and also keep one in my office drawer for during the day. The only annoying thing is that you’ll need to wipe your finger off with a Kleenex or napkin after using it, but the moisturized lips are 100% worth it. I personally like the vanilla flavor, but it comes in four different flavors.

EMSHOI Journal

best gifts for busy working moms
Emshoi $14

I have tried many a journal and these Emshoi journals are the best. They lay flat and are lined to encourage writing. Their simplicity also helps prevent you from getting distracted by other thoughts or feeling pressured to write about something specific instead of whatever comes to mind.

Cuyana Classic Easy Tote

best gifts for busy working moms
Cuyana $268

The Cuyana totes are a fantastic bag for any busy working mom. The leather is super yummy and soft, and the bag accessories you can add to it — like the laptop sleeves — are addictive. I bought my best friend this bag in olive, but my personal stylist says the cappuccino color is more versatile.

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

best gifts for busy working moms
ProsourceFit $26.39

I like to use this acupressure mat in bed and lay on it while I read for a few minutes. It makes me feel extra productive — I’m helping restore my body and brain at the same time. I recommend wearing pjs the first time you use it so that you aren’t weirded out by the feeling. But truly, it is not sharp or dangerous, and once you become an acupuncture mat pro you’ll want to lay on it shirtless in no time. Any busy momma with a passion for wellness will appreciate this gift!

Fellow Electric Tea Kettle

best gifts for busy working moms
Fellow $165

I find hot things soothing, especially at night. So I love warming up water in this electric tea kettle for a hot (caffeine-free!) tea and cozying up to watch a high production value show on HBO (now MAX). I love how chic the design of the Fellow electric tea kettle is. This Aveda tea is my go-to when I’m in the mood for something sweet, while this Tazo turmeric tea is for more of a spicy and savory mood.

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

best gifts for busy working moms
Apple $519

This is another Poppy Gifting recommendation for busy working moms. These chic headphones have a noise-blocking setting to help you focus or shut out background noise when traveling without your kiddos. I currently use the Powerbeats Pro as my headphones of choice. They hook over your ears and stay in place while you’re running or on a long walk. But if I cared about looking cooler in airports and blocking out sound, then these Apple Over-Ear Airpods would be my pick too.

Moonology Oracle Cards

best gifts for busy working moms
Moonology $18

These are totally woo, but they help you get out of your comfort zone and step into the world of manifestation more easily. They can also be great journal prompts. This Moonlogy deck is what I started with since it’s basically oracle cards for dummies. I could match up the card spread based on the moon phase, which I could easily Google. It’s a nice toe-in-the-water moment for getting in touch with your feminine, spiritual, and deep-thinking side when you are accustomed to being in such a busy world.

LARQ Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with UV Water Purifier

best gifts for busy working moms
LARQ $99

Another Poppy Gifting recommendation! This self-cleaning water bottle uses UV technology to sanitize the bottle and purify the water, keeping both of them free of bacteria, like E.coli. The bottle turns on every 2 hours to clean both the water inside and the bottle itself. There’s also an “adventure” mode that is a slightly longer cycle with a higher dose of the UV technology for when you’re traveling somewhere and not sure about the water quality. (Though while it does remove bacteria, it doesn’t get rid of heavy metals or chemicals so depending on where you’re adventuring, you may need to go with store-bought bottled water.)

This bottle is absolutely perfect for busy working moms who love to stay hydrated, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hand washing their water bottles every day — this will save you at least 5 minutes a day.

The con is you have to remember to charge the water bottle for the self-cleaning to work. (The company estimates it needs to be charged about once a month if being used in the standard mode.) If you are the kind of person who has a system for everything —  ie you put your keys and wallet in the same place every day — then this might be for you. If you try it, email me at and let me know how you like it! 

Earthlite Portable Massage Table

best gifts for busy working moms
Earthlite $369

As a busy working mom, I think a fold-up at-home massage table may be one of the best gifts you could get. Having wellness and beauty services come to my house is one of the ways I save a ton of time as a parent. Instead of having to rush out the door and waste time driving somewhere, I have my appointments come to me. I use my massage table for in-home massages (duh), facials, lash and brow appointments, and waxing. The mom you get this for will be so grateful and I doubt she already has one!

Lelo Vibrator

best gifts for busy working moms
Lelo $80

If you are truly busy, then this vibrator can get the job done in seconds. It’s that good. It’s so powerful, and all I can say is: Dear God. I find it’s best used when solo, but I recently attended a talk with Sex with Emily and she referenced the Mimi as an alternative to the Lelo for spooning positions. 

As for operational tips, there’s no battery for it, you charge it like you would a phone. (We’ve come a long way since the days of the Rabbit from Sex in the City!) How often you need to charge it depends on how often you use it, but if you use it twice a week, you will charge it about every two months. But be proactive — there is nothing worse than having it stop in the middle of a session, and I sadly say this from experience!

Cleaning it is also super easy. Just use soap and water, and dry off with a towel.

Leatherology Laptop Envelope Sleeve

best gifts for busy working moms
Leatherology $210

This laptop sleeve is another item from Poppy Gifting’s list of best gifts for busy working moms. I love the chic leather design, and the fact that it has a magnetic closure, which makes it so fast to open and close. There’s also an option to get it personalized with your initials. The inside is lined in tan microsuede to protect your laptop, and there’s also a back exterior pocket that fits letter-size and A4-size papers and file folders.

It’s designed to accommodate most laptops up to 12”W x .65”D x 8.5”H, this includes the 14” MacBook Pro (2021 – 2023 models), 13″ MacBook Pro (2016 – 2022 models) and the 13″ MacBook Air (Retina 2018 – M2 2022 models). 

For another option, I also really like the leather laptop sleeves that Cuyana makes.

Witty Cocktail Napkins

best gifts for busy working moms
Clockwise from upper left: Vowfoo $6.99, CR Gibson $8, Slant Collections $16.49, Design Design $11.50

Witty cocktail napkins are perfect for busy working moms who love to entertain. They’re also great hostess gifts. I love using witty napkins, as I find they get the conversation started! I typically buy them either on Amazon or at a local gift shop. Above are a few that I’m liking right now. But be careful not to put any with the gold foil lettering in the microwave because they will catch on fire!

KDG Cordless Table Lamp

best gifts for busy working moms
KDG $40

I was gifted these cordless table lamps by my mother-in-law and although we have built-in outdoor lighting, they’ve still been super helpful on a few occasions. They were both a part of the decor and great for mood lighting. You simply touch them to turn them on and off. But you will need to remember to charge them (just like a phone) before using them. I’ve gotten in the habit of assigning this task to our nanny and she’s even more proactive than I would be (which I love!), and charges them after each event so that they are fresh and ready to go for the next time.

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