Meet Christine Landis

Meet Christine

Founder of Peacock Parent

Hi, I’m Christine, a parent of 2 and former CEO of a global fintech company.

I became a parent in 2019 after selling my business and “retiring” at 36 years old. Getting pregnant and starting a family was always in the plan, and as a former executive, I naturally found myself tackling the role of parent like it was a job from day one. I had been warned about the importance of sleep schedules, swaddles, and pumps – but what I really craved were resources (and not just the standard books from the shelf). I wanted actual people to provide hands-on training, mentorship, and support my family through this experience. Quite simply, I wanted a team, and then Covid hit, and the world stopped.

It wasn’t until things ‘got back to normal’ that I found myself feeling a bit misunderstood about how I was running my household and approaching parenthood through an executive lens. Most people want to leave work behind when they get home, but I found myself leaning into the leadership qualities from my past work life. I naturally turned to experts, built teams to support my partner and me, and recognized that I valued my time differently than every other parent I knew. And interestingly, I seemed to also be genuinely happier than the parents around me, proudly parenting in a way that put my time at the forefront so that I could show up more joyful for my family.

Enter Peacock Parent. This notion that buying time for joy can allow the whole family to spend more quality time together was something I wanted to help other parents put into practice. Normalizing the fact that yes, parenting is a job and we can openly treat it as such: through teamwork, delegation, and above all, valuing our time at home equal to that at work.

Now I spend my time helping parents like you  run a household that empowers you to buy back time so that you show up present, energized, and the best version of you for your family.

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