7 Mobile Wellness Services For Busy Parents

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Executive Summary

Almost every wellness service can be done in the comfort of your home. Below are my favorite mobile wellness services, plus my tips for getting the most out of each visit. Click each bullet point to skip to that section for more details.

I am about to blow your mind right now. Did you know almost any wellness service you book outside of your home can become an in-home service? Imagine reclaiming all those minutes you spend traveling to get to your appointments, whether that’s a massage, a yoga class, or physical therapy. I sometimes save upwards of 5 hours a week by using mobile wellness services instead of wasting time driving to appointments. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the energy suck of rushing, driving, and motivating myself to leave the house. 

In general, I’ve found that for pretty much any wellness service my partner and I want to do at home — physical therapy, massage — it’s as simple as asking: “Would you be willing to come to my house? I’d be happy to pay a travel fee.” I typically don’t offer the travel fee number and let them fill in what they feel is the best value for their time. On average, I’ve found most vendors charge $50, but I’ve paid up to $100 for a house call purely based on convenience. 

When you have more money than time, paying the travel fees for a mobile wellness service is well worth the investment. It’s one of the biggest ways I create more time for self-care in parenting, which in turn helps me be a more present and engaged parent and partner

Here are my favorite mobile wellness services my family uses to save time (and energy!)… 

Mobile Massage

My favorite part about a mobile massage is already being at home when it ends. When I go to the masseuse, I hate that feeling of having to get off the table, get dressed, and then shift my brain from zen to the alertness required for driving. When I get an in-home massage, I retain all the luscious relaxation I paid good money to achieve. It’s truly one of my favorite types of “me-time.” Just make sure to set up the massage table in your bedroom, or any room with a closed door, so the kids can’t come in and interrupt your moment of zen!

A mobile masseuse will have their own travel massage table, but since my partner and I get regular wellness services at home and have the space, we invested in our own home massage table. I store mine behind our corner loveseat in the master bedroom. I drape a blanket over the top of it and the edge of the loveset, so it blends nicely, and can’t be seen. When I stayed at The Golden Door Spa, my room had a built-in cabinet for the massage table that blended in with the decor — there are definitely creative ways to store a massage table!

My mobile masseuse is local to San Diego, but I am planning to try Australian company, Blys, soon. They provide a slew of mobile wellness services and recently launched in the U.S. They offer mobile massages in a bunch of cities across the country, with prices starting at $119 for a 60-minute massage.

Mobile Massage Tip: I always confirm the massage therapist has their own sheets so I don’t have to do more laundry. 

Mobile Massage Bonus Tip: My favorite Spotify playlist for at-home massages is “Massage Music that’s not massage music.” It’s so good and relaxing, but isn’t the typical sounds of harps playing.

Masseuse Travel Fee: I use Two Hands Mobile Massage in San Diego. Because they’re a mobile massage service, they don’t charge an additional travel fee. It’s built into their price of $190 for a 90-minute massage.

mobile wellness services for busy parents

Mobile Chiropractor 

I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing as a mobile chiropractor! I love having a chiropractor come to my house first thing in the morning after my workouts with a personal trainer (more on personal training as a mobile wellness service below!). It’s so easy to fit an in-home chiropractic session into my schedule. They are only 30 minutes long and I save an hour of back-and-forth drive time. 

My mobile chiropractor was a former massage therapist, so she uses her hands to loosen up areas, and then cracks my whole body. She also uses a theragun. 

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend her to you as she is no longer taking new clients, but if you Google “mobile chiropractor,” you should be able to find a well-rated mobile chiropractor, like San Diego’s Chiro On The Go.

Mobile Chiropractor Tip: I always offer to pay for a package to get a lower rate per session. In our case, I paid for 10 sessions for $1,125 ($100 discount). 

Mobile Chiropractor Travel Fee: If you use a mobile service the fee should be built into the cost.

In-Home Personal Trainer

in home personal training session

People say the worst part about going to the gym is actually going to the gym, and I couldn’t agree more. Besides the time saved from not having to drive to the gym, I love having a personal trainer come to my house for the accountability. I have no excuses not to show up when there is literally a trainer waiting downstairs for me. I also love that I don’t have to get into my car afterward when I’m all sweaty. I can just hop into my shower and get clean right away. 

I dare say, a personal trainer is an essential mobile wellness service for most busy parents. Even when one of my kids is home sick from school, I can still get a workout in. They get to enjoy the “show” while they recuperate. My husband and I have worked with our trainer for 12 years so he’s earned the title of “uncle” and will keep my kids partially entertained while I work out. 

Our personal trainer, Marcello Duarte, comes to our home 5 days a week (3 days for me, and 2 days for my husband) and makes sure we get a gym-worthy workout without a formal gym setup. We work out in our backyard, on our fake grass between an outdoor couch and a playset for the kids. 

An experienced in-home personal trainer will provide the equipment for your first few sessions at no extra cost and load all the weights in/out of their car. But if you are doing this long term, you will need your own equipment. I recommend buying weather-resistant equipment if you want to store it outside (I store mine in a Home Depot shed). 

Here is the equipment we use ($500 investment):

In-Home Personal Trainer Tip: Hire a personal trainer who is a former professional athlete. They will have a stronger understanding of the physical body, and will have been exposed to specialists and an education in the field that a typical kinesiology student can’t apply to their practice. I find they are also more interesting to talk to when you need the distraction to hold a 3-minute plank — the stories they have from their heyday are very entertaining! 

In-Home Personal Trainer Travel Fee: A typical travel fee is $25, but we negotiated no travel fee and a lower rate per session by committing to 5 days a week between my partner and me.

In-Home Sound Bath

I was a little skeptical of sound baths at first, but they are now one of my treasured mobile wellness services. There’s nothing like it: it’s not a massage; it’s not a stretch; and it’s not a weightless water experience. But it feels like you are doing all three of those things at the same time, as the sound waves echo through your body, and your mind wanders through parts of the body that you weren’t even aware of. 

Amy Freeman, our sound bath instructor, shows up 15 minutes early to bring in her equipment and set up in our living room. While she preps, my partner and I change into comfy clothes upstairs. We then lay down on our yoga mats and often hold hands at various times throughout the hour-long session. The first time we did an in-home sound bath we treated it as “dessert,” and booked the experience for 8 pm on a Friday after a dinner date.

In-home Sound Bath Tip: Setup after the kids are in bed. Do not try to do this with the kids awake.

In-home Sounds Bath Travel Fee: She doesn’t charge a travel fee, but I tipped $50. It was $150 for two people for 1 hour.

In-Home Yoga Instructor

In addition to my personal trainer, I have a yoga instructor come to my house three times per week for an hour-long class. I use my personal trainer for cardio and weight training, but yoga with Karson McGinley feels more like a self-guided massage. Not only does my body feel lubricated, but the alone time to focus on my breathing is so necessary as a parent. Plus, in-home yoga means I can show up relaxed and in my pajamas, instead of rushing out the door — stressing — to get zen. So counterproductive!

I schedule solo sessions for 6 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while my partner wakes up the kids and gives them morning snuggles. About halfway through my yoga session, my kids make their way downstairs to give me hugs and kisses before getting breakfast. These extra minutes with my kids make my in-home yoga session even more valuable. 

My partner and I also do couples yoga sessions in our home every other Friday at 3 pm, which I find bonds us together after a long week of work. We choose to hold hands a lot during the class and the genuine joy and appreciation we have for one another really comes through in these sessions.

My in-home yoga instructor is local to San Diego, but mobile wellness service Priv, offers in-home yoga and pilates in dozens of cities

In-Home Yoga Instructor Tip: I like storing all of my yoga equipment near where I practice so it’s convenient. If you don’t have a nearby cabinet, use something similar to this rolling storage rack. Here are the yoga basics I have at my home ($260 investment):

In-Home Yoga Instructor Travel Fee: $50 for 6 am sessions, $25 for normal working hours. 

In-Home Physical Therapist

I was introduced to Dr. Adam Krause, my physical therapist, when I experienced a calf injury playing tennis. He already offered in-home physical therapy sessions, so I didn’t even have to ask!

We had an initial 10-minute phone conversation, and then he sent me all the medical forms to fill out ahead of our first meeting. Our first session was 50 minutes, and he provided all of the equipment. 

He also gave me printouts of the movements and YouTube videos so that I could practice on my own. That was all helpful, but the reality was that I wasn’t going to make the time to prioritize physical therapy without someone showing up to make me do it. Outside of maximizing your time, the #1 benefit of mobile wellness services is that they allow you to show up with no excuses and reach your goal. 

In-home Physical Therapist Tip: I find the sessions more enjoyable if you can do them outside. Also, again, don’t try to save money and pretend you will do your physical therapy on your own time after just a couple of sessions with the pro. The accountability and supervision of an in-home physical therapist is everything! Keep booking those sessions until you are fully healed.

Physical Therapist Travel Fee: $50 

In-Home Personal Chef

Eating healthy is such a key part of wellness, but planning weekly meals, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking are all very time-consuming. That’s why having a personal chef is one of my family’s favorite mobile wellness services. We sourced our personal chef through Seaside Staffing Company. He comes once a week and prepares one dinner for that same night, plus two healthy and delicious meals for later in the week. 

He arrives at the house on Monday at 2 pm with all the grocery shopping for the meals already done. (I provide our chef with a credit card so we don’t have to deal with reimbursing grocery costs.) That same night he serves us a gourmet meal catered to our dietary needs. He then leaves two other healthy family meals in glass containers that can be loaded into the oven and reheated within the next few days.

Personal Chef Tip: Select someone whose energy is calm, inviting, and friendly. They will be in your space and around your children, so this is not just a job for anyone who can cook.

Personal Chef Travel Fee: The travel fee is built into the total cost. We pay $550 for the 3 dinners, which calculates to $65/hour. (A well-earned hourly rate as it would have taken my partner and I triple the amount of time, energy, and thought if we had attempted every step required to make these high-level dishes.)

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