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Time management tips for the good life.

Our blogs are filled with parenting hacks and delegation tips to help you spend more quality time together as a family.

traveling with a nanny

The Details of Traveling With A Nanny

Thinking about traveling with children under the age of 10? I highly recommend traveling with your nanny! Having them there will make your family trip so much more...
my go-to concierge gift service

Poppy Gifting Review: My Go-To Concierge Gift Service

Ok, some of you might be thinking: what the heck is a concierge gift service? I had the same thought the first time I came across Poppy Gifting on Instagram. A...
mobile beauty services for busy parents

5 Mobile Beauty Services For Busy Parents

Mobile beauty services are not just for moms — dads get haircuts too, and so do the kids. Think of the time you will save by having your hairstylist come to your home...
gift ideas for busy dads

What To Get A Busy Dad

It can be hard to know what to get a busy dad in your life, especially if they’re a dad who has everything they need. So with Father’s Day almost here, I wanted to help...
how to hire a nanny

How To Hire A Nanny

Our nanny started working with us when our son was six weeks old, and has been with us ever since. Hiring her was one of the best decisions we ever made.  She’s...
dry cleaning hanging on door, outsourcing chores

6 Modern Ways We Are Outsourcing Chores

Time is especially coveted by parents. We’re in desperate need of time to recharge, so we can be present and energized for our children. As you may already know, one of...
family vacation in Hawaii, why use a travel agent

Why Use A Travel Agent? Here’s 5 Reasons

We’ve been using the same travel agent for six years now. She’s helped my partner and me plan a trip to Japan, as well as a ton of 3-night getaways for just the two of...
best gifts for busy working moms

Best Gifts For Busy Working Moms

Brainstorming a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day can be time-consuming and stressful. Save time by using a personal shopper who specializes in gifts — or use our free...
qualities of a great nanny

Top 6 Qualities Of A Great Nanny 

Identifying the traits and skills you want in a nanny will make the hiring and interviewing process go more smoothly. These are six qualities of a great nanny that my...
interviewing a nanny, what to ask a nanny

How To Interview A Nanny

Finding the right nanny to bring into your home is a big decision! After all, this person will be in your space and taking care of your kids and household. A key part...

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Meet Christine Landis

The Founder of Peacock Parent

Hi, I’m Christine, a parent of 2 and former CEO of a global fintech company.

Most people want to leave work behind when they get home, but I found myself leaning into the leadership qualities from my past work life to optimize not only our home life but also our real joy in parenthood.

Enter Peacock Parent. This notion that buying time for joy can allow the whole family to spend more quality time together was something I wanted to help other parents put into practice. Normalizing this was a goal. Yes, parenting is a job. And we treat it as such: through teamwork, delegation, and above all, valuing our time as a currency.

And I want you to be able to do the same. Peacock Parent was created to be the resource that empowers you to buy more time for joy so that both parents can enjoy the good life they’ve worked so hard to build, and spend more quality time together as a family.

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